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my name is yusuf asgerally, and here's where i blog about user experience. user experience is how we describe the reaction that users have when they interact with objects around them, including how they use and react to website and applications on the internet. my goal is that this site will become a resource of examples of both good and bad user experiences that i encounter in the world; both online and offline as well as best practices based on my experience.

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Latest: Pizza Usability: How to cut a slice of pizza

Good usability applies to everything. Even cutting up a pie can affect the user experience of eating a slice and there’s definitely a best practice that I recommend everyone follow.

Here’s nice looking slice of pizza (Disregard the hot sauce on the plate).

Thin slice of pizza

Unfortunately it suffers from a glaring design flaw.

No Support pizza slice

Because of the way the slice has been cut it is very hard to eat it one handed as you can see in the picture above. The tip of the slice droops causing all the yummy goodies/toppings to drop off. No good.

Here’s a slightly wider slice which is a little better Viagra for one handed eating.

2013-09-05 12.35.12


…but still not quite proportionate enough to support its weight.

2013-09-05 12.37.01

Here’s an example of a beautiful slice of New York Pizza (Photo courtesy of www.newyorkgeek) that shows a perfectly proportionately sliced slice that allows for very easy one handed eating.

New York Pizza


There you go. Now you know why the best slices of pizza is cut nice and wide at least if you want to be able to eat it one handed. This does not however cover genres of pizza like deep dish etc…

Do you have a pizza preference? Let me know in the comments.

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September 5, 2013

by Yusuf Asgerally


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